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LSD was a way better experience for me than shrooms. If you're looking for a buzz like MD, mkat is pretty good + cheap but it's not the cleanest drug in the world. If your dealers are nice guys they'll probably sort you out with some numbers for you to get different stuff

I’d never do mkat because it’s incredibly harmful unlike MD. And with shrooms you can regulate how strong it is based on how much you take, unlike LSD, so I think I’d go with shrooms first.

Go leave some hateful comments in this judgemental piece of shit article. I’m arguing in the comments but there seems to be more idiots than nice people. Some people even think it’s satirical, in which case it’s unfunny and still a piece of shit.

Update: I’m not defending these tattoos, I personally think they suck, it’s the overall negativity towards the people themselves.

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the thing that gets me about 1man1jar (not cup, i'm not familiar with that one) is like, why did he keep the camera running and just calmly take the glass shards out instead of shrieking his way to the fucking emergency room? please forget photo duty and get prompt medical attention if you ever accidentally create a fountain of blood when stuffing your foreskin.

Yeah I’ve seen that one. Loads of people are too ashamed with anal injuries so they just don’t try and get help. That guy who got fucked by the horse died because he was a respected business man or something. And I suppose the jar guy is internet famous now, maybe it was all worth it for him? Disturbing to think about.

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what's the longest you've ever fucked a girl up the ass for? do they like being stretched out?

I was drunk last time and it lasted ages, we had a laugh about it because I really stretched her out and she hadn’t ever been that wide before.