Crywank Are Posers

Distract myself with what is given 
All my ideas stay unwritten 
I can try harder, I can better, I can do more but I know I won’t 
And I know apathy, and I know acceptance and a lack of motivation is what they want. 

I can have beliefs and I can 
wear them on my sleeve but 
I will do nothing about them just 
stay in an look at screens. 
This life spent basking in the blue light. 

I can speak of change 
but in the end I feel ashamed 
because although I can explain 
I do not act on what I say 
A waste of time is hearing what is on my mind. 

Mind, active trapped inside a stationary body. 
Down and out, I feel a constant sense of waiting. 

Pious reflections on thing I have only just come to understand, 
Riotious hypocricy bubbling from the lips of a lazy young man.

New Album Out Now.

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Anonymous asked:

Is anal messy? I want to try it but I've heard if you don't prep for it shit literally goes everywhere

I’ve had loads and it’s never been messy. As long as who you’re boning has a bowel movement not long before you start, you’ll be fine. Some people go with enema kits to get fully cleared out too.

Anonymous asked:

If you're on medication that conflicts with MDMA, then there's a good chance it also conflicts with psilocybin mushrooms, so make sure you read up. I know off hand that SSRI/SNRI medications cause a sharp decrease in the effects of psychedelics.

It’s 20mg citalopgram which I know can kill you if you take MDMA with it. I think psilocybin and anti-depressants is safe, I’ve just read it cancels out or even eliminates all effects, which fucking sucks considering I want to get off my face.

Anonymous asked:

What other drugs do you do apart from weed?

I used to do MDMA/Ecstasy on occasion but I’m on conflicting medication and haven’t been able to do it in a long time unfortunately. I’m currently looking for shrooms but don’t know where to get any!