Anonymous asked:

have you had a good year?

It’s been fucking crap really. Last year I dropped out of uni and was unemployed for ages. I’m a multimedia designer but you need a degree for a job like that so naturally I was fucked. A few months in I ended up working for ASOS. They treat you like shit and throw warnings at you for being literally one second too late. Three of these and you’re fired, so I quit after 13 weeks. Then I was unemployed for another couple of months then decided to try and finish university and get my degree, but that’s going pretty shit too. I did meet a really nice girl and I’m with her now, but that’s the only good thing that’s happened this year. Overall, fucking shit, but with a nice ending. Thanks for asking.

Gender Stereotypes and Sexism in Modern Videogame Culture

For my university dissertation I’ll be writing a report on gender roles and sexism in modern videogame culture. I might be putting a survey up here soon, so I’m just putting a sort of ‘warning’ here before people send me stupid messages like “post more dick stuff lol” there’s an archive accessible in the top left where you can view everything I’ve ever done, if you’re that desperate to see me doing my thing. And if you’re not one of those people, please check my blog soon and have a quick go at the survey.

It’ll be questions like “do you think female armour should be the same as male armour” and “would you like to see different male or female body types in video games” etc etc. I know there’s lots of angry feminists who follow this blog so it’ll be awesome and helpful to have your opinions. Thanks.

Every time.

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Shrooms make me so sick to my stomach and I get bad diarrhea everytime so it ruins my trip. I'd much rather take acid haha

Woah, thanks for the heads up haha. The only off putting thing about LSD for me is the intensity, I already have a messed up mind. I’d no doubt rip my own face off.

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Are you happy?

Probably the deepest question I’ve ever had! Not too sure, I think things are going pretty well in life. Got a girlfriend, my own place, almost got a degree so I suppose I should be. Hard to tell with depression though.

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LSD was a way better experience for me than shrooms. If you're looking for a buzz like MD, mkat is pretty good + cheap but it's not the cleanest drug in the world. If your dealers are nice guys they'll probably sort you out with some numbers for you to get different stuff

I’d never do mkat because it’s incredibly harmful unlike MD. And with shrooms you can regulate how strong it is based on how much you take, unlike LSD, so I think I’d go with shrooms first.