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I know you're busy with school. I hope that is going better for you by the way. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling us what your favorite genre of porn you prefer, or which scenarios you fancy? Meow! (๑ ॣ- ̫ • ॣ)

I’m not sure what you class school as but in the UK that’s for children and I’m definitely not a child!

I really like anal and only really bother watching that, or really good blowjob ones. There’s this pornstar with the terrible name ‘hotkinkyjo’ but she’s proper talented with buttstuff, I’m into stuff like that but a little less extreme maybe.

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But still it's 2014 and you don't shave your dick. Most Americans hate that.

I couldn’t give a fuck what people think. I own a dick blog where I put stuff in my foreskin. What people think of me is the least of my concerns.


I get a lot of messages saying “post more”. I’m doing my final year at university and I only usually come on Tumblr for porn gifs. When I post a pic it’s just because I felt like it. I know I’ve got a huge fanbase but I don’t think I’m obliged to post anything just because people want me to. I’ll post in my own time! I haven’t quit the blog and probably never will, but right now there’s bigger things on my plate than showing people how I have a super stretchy foreskin!

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How did u fined Ur current partner, like through here or,,, and what dies she think about your tumblr

*wipes vomit from beard after reading so many mistakes*

I met her in a bar, she’d heard of my blog but didn’t know it was me until I told her. She thinks it’s pretty hilarious.