I get a lot of messages saying “post more”. I’m doing my final year at university and I only usually come on Tumblr for porn gifs. When I post a pic it’s just because I felt like it. I know I’ve got a huge fanbase but I don’t think I’m obliged to post anything just because people want me to. I’ll post in my own time! I haven’t quit the blog and probably never will, but right now there’s bigger things on my plate than showing people how I have a super stretchy foreskin!

Anonymous asked:

How did u fined Ur current partner, like through here or,,, and what dies she think about your tumblr

*wipes vomit from beard after reading so many mistakes*

I met her in a bar, she’d heard of my blog but didn’t know it was me until I told her. She thinks it’s pretty hilarious.

Anonymous asked:

Can I just come over and get hella faded with you? I'm lonely and I need a friend. My boyfriend just broke up with me because of my weed habits. It's not cool. But I'm bored, and I live in your area.

Send this off anon! I have no idea who people are when they ask to hang out and they never reply 😅

Anonymous asked:

hey so i know you like putting stuff in your foreskin, have you ever tried... putting your foreskin in your dick? like putting it inside the urethra? i've never seen a pic of this and im just curious

I think that’d be impossible given the size of the hole and the amount of the skin