I decided I will post a picture or two of my face. The only condition is, you all have to do my questionnaire. You’ll be helping me get my dissertation done and in return I’ll unveil my twisted hairy noggin. I’ll be making the form soon, and it’ll be about gender stereotypes in games (why do women have to show their tits, why are men always the heroes etc etc) so keep an eye out for it. I’ll decide how many forms I need to be filled I’m before I can show my face, just to encourage people to actually do it, but I’ll post more about this later. Check back.

Anonymous asked:

I know you're busy with school. I hope that is going better for you by the way. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling us what your favorite genre of porn you prefer, or which scenarios you fancy? Meow! (๑ ॣ- ̫ • ॣ)

I’m not sure what you class school as but in the UK that’s for children and I’m definitely not a child!

I really like anal and only really bother watching that, or really good blowjob ones. There’s this pornstar with the terrible name ‘hotkinkyjo’ but she’s proper talented with buttstuff, I’m into stuff like that but a little less extreme maybe.